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Red Hat Linux Essentials مبادئ النظام

فكرة و تاريخ لينوكسEdit

Unit 1 - Linux Ideas and History

  • An Introduction to Linux and Open Source: what are the central ideas behind the Linux phenomenon and where do they come from?

أساسيات استخدام لينوكسEdit

Unit 2 - Linux Usage Basics

  • Logging into the system, changing users and editing text files.

تشغيل الاوامر و الحصول على المساعدةEdit

Unit 3 - Running Commands and Getting Help

  • How to use built-in and online documentation to enhance your experience.

  • pwd
  • cd
  • ls
  • cp
  • mv
  • rm
  • cat
  • file
  • less
  • mkdir
  • rmdir
  • locate
  • man
  • info

استعراض ملفات النظامEdit

Unit 4 - Browsing the Filesystem

  • Understanding the locations of important directories on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and navigating them from the command line and using the graphical Nautilus browser.

المستخدمين و المجموعات و الصلاحياتEdit

Unit 5 - Users, Groups and Permissions

  • Reading and setting permissions on files and directories.

استخدام الصدفةEdit

Unit 6 - Using the bash Shell

  • Basic tips and tricks to make Red Hat Enterprise Linux's default shell work for you. Topics include tab completion, history and an introduction to shell scripting.

الدخل و الخرج و الانبوبEdit

Unit 7 - Standard I/O and Pipes

  • The ins-and-outs of redirecting output between programs and files.

أدوات معالجة النصوصEdit

Unit 8 - Text Processing Tools

  • An introduction to some of the most useful text-processing utilities in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including grep, cut, sed, sort, diff and patch.

محرر النصوص المتقدم VIMEdit

Unit 9 - vim: An Advanced Text Editor

  • How to get the most out of the powerful and flexible vim text editor.

مرجع بالعربية

أدوات اعداد النظام الأساسيةEdit

Unit 10 - Basic System Configuration Tools

  • Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux's graphical and text-based configuration tools to manage networking, printing and date/time settings.

تدقيق و ادارة العملياتEdit

Unit 11 - Investigating and Managing Processes

  • Listing, terminating and scheduling program executions on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

ضبط الصدفةEdit

Unit 12 - Configuring the Bash Shell

  • A discussion of using shell variables and scripts to customize the command-line environment.

ايجاد و معالجة الملفاتEdit

Unit 13 - Finding and Processing Files

  • In-depth coverage of using the find command and related utilities to locate and act upon files based on arbitrary criteria .

عملاء الشبكةEdit

Unit 14 - Network Clients

  • An overview of network tools available in Red Hat Enterprise linux, from web browsers to email clients and diagnostic utilities.

Unit 15 - Advanced Topics in Users, Groups and Permissions

  • A deeper discussion of how user and group identities are stored on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system, as well as the introduction of advanced filesystem permissions like SetUID and SetGID.

نظرة في عمق نظام الملفاتEdit

Unit 16 - The Linux Filesystem In-Depth

  • The nuts-and-bolts of how Red Hat Enterprise Linux deals with filesystems. Topics include partitions, inodes, linking and archiving tools.

أداوات ادارة النظام الاساسيةEdit

Unit 17 - Essential System Administration Tools

  • An introduction to fundamental system administration topics such as installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, managing software packages, and enhancing security with SELinux and the netfilter firewall.

Unit 18 - So... What Now?

  • Exposure to further options for training and involvement in the larger open-source community.


إدارة النظام

إدارة الحزمEdit

Unit 1 - Package Management

  • Manage software on system using yum, Red Hat Network, and rpm.

تشغيل النظامEdit

Unit 2 - System Initialization

  • Define boot process, recover system, and manage service startup.

خدمات النواةEdit

Unit 3 - Kernel Services

  • Explore kernel modules and variants, tune kernel parameters, manage devices, and monitor processes and resources.

خدمات النظامEdit

Unit 4 - System Services

  • Configure and access various consoles to manage system logging, time synchronization, printers, and task automation.

إدارة ملفات النظامEdit

Unit 5 - Filesystem Management

  • Expand storage by adding new filesystems and swap space. Configure autofs for on-demand network storage.

إدارة المستخدمينEdit

Unit 6 - User Administration

  • Create, modify and delete users, groups, and policy. Escalate privileges. Establish collaborative group directories.

ضبط الشبكةEdit

Unit 7 - Network Configuration

  • Configure dynamic and static network settings for both IPv4 and IPv6.

الإدارة المتقدمة للمستخدمEdit

Unit 8 - Advanced User Administration

  • Revisit user administration by connecting to network directory services like NIS and LDAP. Protect users and groups through ACLs, quotas, and SELinux.

الادارة المتقدمة لنظام الملفاتEdit

Unit 9 - Advanced Filesystem Management

  • Back up your data. Manage filesystems using Software RAID and Logical Volume Management.


Unit 10 - Installation

  • Perform both interactive and automated installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

المحاكاة باستخدام XenEdit

Unit 11 - Virtualization with Xen

  • Install the xen environment and create a para-virtualized user domain running Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

تصيد الأخطاءEdit

Unit 12 - Troubleshooting

  • Explore troubleshooting methodologies while defining standard things to check. Maintain system from different runlevels. Utilize the rescue environment of anaconda.


الأمن و الشبكات

أداء النظام والأمنEdit

Unit 1: System Performance and Security

  • Concepts and Practices
  • System Faults and Breaches
  • Method of Fault Analysis
  • Benefits of System Monitoring
  • Managing Processes by Account
  • Hands-on lab: System Monitoring

التحكم بالوصول لخدمات النظامEdit

Unit 2: System Service Access Controls

  • Service and Network Access Controls
  • System Initialization and Service Management
  • Service and Application Access Controls
  • tcp_wrappers Configuration
  • Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux)
  • Hands-on Lab: Controlling access to certain hosts

التحكم بالوصول لمصادر الشبكةEdit

Unit 3: Network Resource Access Controls

  • Internet Protocol and Routing
  • IPv6: Dynamic Interface Configuration
  • IPv6: StaticInterface Configuration
  • IPv6: Routing Configuration
  • Netfilter Overview
  • Rules: General Considerations
  • Connection Tracking
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • IPv6 and ip6tables
  • Hands-on Lab: Securing Networking

تنظيم الأجهزة المشبوكةEdit

Unit 4: Organizing Networked Systems

  • Host Name Resolution
  • DNS-Specific Resolvers
  • Trace a DNS Query with dig
  • Exploring DNS with host
  • Service Profile: DNS
  • Getting Started with BIND
  • bind-chroot Package
  • caching-nameserver Package
  • Remote Name Daemon Control (rndc)
  • The DHCP Service
  • DHCP Overview
  • Configuring an IPv4 DHCP Server
  • Hands-on Lab: Implement a Minimal DNS Server

خدمات مشاركة ملفات الشبكةEdit

Unit 5: Network File Sharing Services

  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
  • Network File Service (NFS)
  • Port options for the Firewall
  • Samba services
  • Configuring Samba
  • Hands-on Lab: Network File Sharing Services

خدمات الوبEdit

Unit 6: Web Services

  • Apache Overview
  • Apache Server Configuration
  • Virtual Hosts
  • Apache Access Configuration
  • CGI
  • Apache Encrypted Web Server
  • Squid Web Proxy Cache
  • Hands-on Lab: Implementing Web (HTTP) Services

خدمات البريد الالكترونيEdit

Unit 7: Electronic Mail Services

  • Essential Email Operation
  • Simple Mail Transport Protocol
  • Sendmail SMTP Restrictions
  • Sendmail Operation
  • Using alternatives to Switch MTAs
  • Postfix Configuration
  • Postfix SMTP Restrictions
  • Postfix Operation
  • Mail Retrieval Protocols
  • Hands-on Lab: Electronic Mail

تأمين البيانات======== Unit 8: Securing Data

  • The Need For Encryption
  • Symmetric Encryption
  • Asymmetric Encryption
  • Public Key Infrastructures
  • Digital Certificates
  • Hands-on Lab: Securing Data

إدارة الحسابEdit

Unit 9: Account Management

  • Account Management
  • Account Information (Name Service)
  • Name Service Switch (NSS)
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • PAM Operation
  • Utilities and Authentication
  • Hands-on Lab: Account Management Methods

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